Engineered Solutions

SEC designs equipment and develops solutions through the relationships with our customers. Our experience has taught us that before we can even start on a project, its best to learn and understand the current task at hand. The customer’s objectives and concerns are discussed and solutions are developed.

Our application/design engineers, relying on their years of production and machine building experience, use the latest version of SolidWorks to design and engineer 3-D models prior to fabrication. These models can be sent in various ways to our customers for their review and further input. The 3-D models allow our customers to easily see their product on the computer just as it will be after fabrication.

Our designs will meet the needs of the customer including being built robust for the harshest of environments or lightweight for ergonomic purposes. We will design production systems from the ground up, improve existing systems by designing superior replacement components, as well as complete reverse engineering to replicate existing equipment or new prototypes. The smallest components are analyzed without losing sight of the big picture and how minor systems affect the larger process layout.

We are also well versed and known for our Air-Logic panels. We design and build control panels using nothing more than air components to run and operate custom equipment.

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