What We Do

Engineered Solutions


SEC designs equipment and develops solutions through the relationships with our customers. Our experience has taught us that before we can even start on a project, its best to learn and understand the current task at hand. The customer’s objectives and concerns are discussed and solutions are developed.

Our application/design engineers, relying on their years of production and machine building experience, use the latest version of SolidWorks to design and engineer 3-D models prior to fabrication. These models can be sent in various ways to our customers for their review and further input. The 3-D models allow our customers to easily see their product on the computer just as it will be after fabrication.

Our designs will meet the needs of the customer including being built robust for the harshest of environments or lightweight for ergonomic purposes. We will design production systems from the ground up, improve existing systems by designing superior replacement components, as well as complete reverse engineering to replicate existing equipment or new prototypes. The smallest components are analyzed without losing sight of the big picture and how minor systems affect the larger process layout.

We are also well versed and known for our Air-Logic panels. We design and build control panels using nothing more than air components to run and operate custom equipment.

Fabrication & Installation


Our designs are done with the fabrication process in mind. Many of our designed components can be exported directly to CNC machining centers as well as to Laser cutting operations thus reducing costs, improving accuracy, and reducing lead times. Most of the time, our designers are involved in the assembly and tuning process as well to ensure that your product performs as expected. SEC can design, form, weld, and modify a variety of materials for almost any purpose our customer’s desire.

We have a complete line of equipment necessary to install many types of structures or equipment. We deliver and install everything from custom steel structures, including jib and overhead cranes, to smaller equipment with control panels.

We’ll work with your maintenance department to coordinate the necessary utility requirements or we’ll handle all of it for you as a turn-key installation.



Over the years, we have made many jigs and fixtures that range in varying complexities. They range from simple magnetic part separators with no moving parts to complicated powered nut runners with motors, belts, and gears. Our lifting jigs are 100% PE approved with certified welds and load testing. Some of these jigs and fixtures are incorporated into larger ergonomic systems that we’ve designed with gantry cranes and load balancers and some are loose for hand held use. Please review our gallery of examples.


Our employees are our most valuable resource, and no aspect of our business is of greater importance than their personal safety – on and off the job. That’s why at SEC, management is directly responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as a core value.

    Committed to Safety:

  • Conduct safety inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions.
  • Pre-project safety plans are created for all projects with daily safety meetings.
  • Monitor employees to identify unsafe acts and behaviors.
  • Require all employees and subcontractors to comply with all safety rules and policies.
  • Employee leadership training programs are combined with OSHA 10 and 30 hour required training.
  • Annual refresher training required for all employees.
  • Reward employees who exhibit safety leadership and accountability.
  • SEC operates drug free, with zero tolerance, by implementing our drug testing and safety awareness program.
  • Engineered fall arrest systems – 100% tie off policy.
  • No lost time work days and zero (0) safety incidents since the start of the company in 2002.
  • Complete safety manual and standard practice programs available to all clients for review.

SEC is pleased to announce that after a lengthy safety audit we have achieved a perfect score of 100 and an A rating with ISN (The global leader in contractor and supplier management) in March of 2015.

ISN registration number 400-226165

Click here to read the Scariot Equipment Co. Occupational Health and Safety Policy in PDF format.

“Be safe, respect people, work hard and do your job to the best of your ability.”

    – Ron Nail, Safety Director and Competent person

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