Work Samples

Engineered Solutions

SEC designs equipment and develops solutions through the relationships with our customers. Our experience has taught us that before we can even start on a project, its best to learn and understand the current task at hand. The customer’s objectives and concerns are discussed and solutions are developed.

Fabrication & Installation

Our designs are done with the fabrication process in mind. Many of our designed components can be exported directly to CNC machining centers as well as to Laser cutting operations thus reducing costs, improving accuracy, and reducing lead times. Most of the time, our designers are involved in the assembly and tuning process as well to ensure that your product performs as expected. SEC can design, form, weld, and modify a variety of materials for almost any purpose our customer’s desire.


Over the years, we have made many jigs and fixtures that range in varying complexities. They range from simple magnetic part separators with no moving parts to complicated powered nut runners with motors, belts, and gears. Our lifting jigs are 100% PE approved with certified welds and load testing. Some of these jigs and fixtures are incorporated into larger ergonomic systems that we’ve designed with gantry cranes and load balancers and some are loose for hand held use. Please review our gallery of examples.

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