About Scariot Equipment

At Scariot Equipment Company (SEC), we satisfy our customers’ material handling and ergonomic improvement needs by providing high quality equipment and services in a value-added turnkey package. Adding value to a product or service is the key to our success. Anyone can simply resell a product that someone else designs, produces, markets, and delivers. While we do not completely focus on any one of these rolls, we can improve on any or all of them.


We will target areas that represent a high concentration of customers such as large assembly line production facilities. Our time and energy will be spent working with customers, not driving around looking for them. However, we will service calls or recommendations as they arise.

We will treat all customers with the utmost respect. We will strive to delight every customer in every situation. We live by the adage that it is easier to keep an existing customer than to gain a new one.


Standard type material handling equipment will be obtained from a core group of suppliers who lead the industry in the areas of high quality, innovative design, price competitiveness, and timeliness of deliveries.

Custom equipment will use standard building blocks as much as possible to save time and money, however SEC is composed of individuals with innovative engineering minds who can put the pieces together in the most effective and efficient way. Often, a project involves a mix of “off the shelf” items and custom pieces. We will utilize our custom machining and fabrication capabilities to pull it all together.

We will find the most effective ways to add value to each individual supplier’s product or service. To breed and strengthen loyalty, we will prove our value to our suppliers by providing accurate information, facilitating project details between customer and supplier, and paying according to terms.


SEC demands much of its employees, and it gives much in return. We believe in getting both hard and smart work from our people, and we compensate accordingly. The employee must be flexible to the needs of the company, and in return the company will be flexible with the needs of the employee. SEC is intended to be a destination, not a stepping stone to another place.

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